Mercedes-Benz/ Grow-up

Corporate Design

As part of the mercedes-benz brand design team, we rethought and developed the corporate design together with the campaign team.

Agency antoni GmbH


Executive Creative Director

Matthias Schmidt, Martin Pross

Creative Director

Veit Moeller, Thomas Heinz

Art Director/ Writer

Sol Oh, Sebastian Lyman

Head of Digital Design

Nuno Marcelino

Brand Design

Creative Director

Marcel Krempin

Senior Designer

Sebastian Hennig

Junior Designer

Jil Leister

With more than 100 moving-image sequences and over 90 lifestyle and product images, stories of a new generation the campaign focuses on people caught between the coolness of adolescence and the squareness of adulthood who embody the attitude to life of the new compacts. "'Grow up.' is much more than a major campaign about model series. It is a further move forward by the brand as a whole towards more modernity, progressivism and dynamism across the entire brand identity of Mercedes-Benz. With 'Grow up.', we are reinterpreting traditional values and attitudes towards Mercedes while showcasing their modern-day interpretation and relevance within generations x and y. Realised in collaboration with our agency antoni, 'Grow up.' is an unconventional campaign, which, in terms of its consistent digital focus and the mechanics of its content, does not immediately come across as advertising."
 - Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars